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Get to Know Obsessive Constructive Designs

My confidence with power tools is thanks to my friend Ben Teague. While working on sets at Town and Gown theater in Athens, GA he asked, "Do you want to learn how to use a pneumatic staple gun?" ... uh, yes please! 

Years later, I built my first piece of furniture out of frustration in searching for just the right piece of furniture to store shoes in our coat closet (and a reluctance to pay for a piece that wasn't exactly what I needed!) While searching for shoe storage options online, I came across DIY plans that I could customize to fit exactly what I needed (Thanks, Ana White!). I built it, it worked, it was fun, and I was hooked! 

In 2015, I decided to open an Etsy shop selling mostly ukulele hangers. Though that shop, I made a wide variety of custom items for customers around the world! I was also building furniture for my family and close friends during those years - everything from beds and reading lofts to mudroom lockers and floating shelves. I decided to focus almost exclusively on the larger builds like those and closed the Etsy shop in 2019 after more than 800 sales!

Obsessive Constructive Designs was born from my love of creating handmade, unique, and useful items for my home. This business has allowed me to share my love of creating functional and beautiful pieces of furniture and art with local and international clients. What started as a hobby and creative outlet has become a business that allows me to share the love of my craft with others.

I am proud of Obsessive Constructive Designs and especially love the empowering example I can set for my daughters!

Get in touch to learn more about my process and to see what I can do for you!


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